I took 2 birth control pills that was active pills on the same day. So I finished all active pills. And didnt take either sunday or monday or Monday or tuesday inactive pills. So since I took 2 pills at once it threw me off my normal track. But did take and started my period on Wednesday. And finished my pack and started the new one like normal. I have taking it like normal. And over 15 years of taking birth control I messed up. I took the same pills on Feb 19 and on feb 26 I took wednesday pills and my period started that day. Me and my husband had unprotected sex on march 11. So that had me taking all active pills and missing 2 inactive pills. 10 active pills (first week and 3 days) of active pills since the end of my period. Was I still covered by my birth control. I have always heard u could miss the inactive week which is the sugar pill (which is what I did). Is there any way I could be pregnant. I started the new pack march 2 and sex on march 11which was almost 10days between and my next period on march 26. And ive been cramping could I be pregnant or just period cramps?