I am going on a trip to Hawaii in about 3 weeks and I really don't want to deal with my period. My doctor prescribed me Sprintec 28 for 4 weeks of use only. I am not on birth control long term, this is just so that I can avoid my period which is supposed to start on the day we leave and should last the entire time we are are there. I have already taken the first pill. I started reading the reviews online and so many of them are negative! I am a little worried... Since I am only on it for a short period of time, should I expect side effects such as weight gain (I have worked really hard for a year to drop 18 pounds- any weight gain will be devastating at this point), mood swings, bloating or hair loss??? I am 16, 5'1, 105 pounds and moderately active, I also count calories and eat very healthy- is weight gain even possible? Please help, I don't want to continue use if it is going to cause more harm than good. Thank you to all who take the time to answer!