I am into my second week of my second month taking birth control. I am taking Generess Fe.
I have noticed that while on it, I have more discharge than I did while off and I read that that was a fairly common side effect (and one of my friends had this, too.)
But 4 days ago after I had sex and went to the bathroom, I wiped and noticed some brown stuff. It was like the brown stuff you get before your period, but it was a slightly lighter shade and of much less quantity. The next day I saw I had some of what I was thinking was spotting, just like the day before. Yesterday, I did not see any spotting.

Today, I went to the bathroom and when I wiped, on the toilet paper, there was a chunk or just very thick white(?) discharge that looked as if it had some brown spotting mixed in with it. (The question mark is because it wasn't white, that is just the colour of discharge I have been having so I figured it was white, then got the spotting mixed in with it changing it to a very light brown.)
I decided to smell it to make sure there was no odour. It may have been in my head, but I may have smelt a small hint of blood (as if it was spotting).

Every other time I have spotted, it was always a tiny amount (as usual) and it was always bright red. Then again, I wasn't on birth control the last two times I spotted.

I just want to know what spotting is like, if it is different for everyone, if it changes depending on whether or not one is taking birth control, and what spotting looks like (colour, thickness, etc.)

For reference, my boyfriend and I were both virgins when we first had sex together a week and a half to two weeks ago, so neither of us have any STIs or STDs.