Started NuvaRing about a month ago. It is my first time using birth control, im only 21, and ive experienced a lot of spotting. The first week everything was fine, but from the second week i started spotting and the 3rd week when i took out the ring i kept spotting till the day i got my period (3 days later) 2nd day of period it came extremely heavy that i had to change super absorbency tampons for ONE HOUR! I couldnt use liners cuz i leaked i had to use the maxi pads! My periods have ALWAYS been heavy and long that would last 2 weeks, sometimes one month and docs said it was normal, but i never had cramps till now that im on NuvaRing. I had my period for 9 days and always heavy. I put the ring in when i was supposed to and still bled heavly. Period ended August 9th 2013 and i started spotting again. Its been 3 days (almost 4) and im spotting even less than when i did that 2nd week. Its barely there, very pink. I know that my body is getting used to it, but im just so concerned should i stop? What will happen if i stop all of the sudden? My period is due in 15 days and it just ended... will i start bleeding again if i take it out?

By the way, i been married two years and my period rarely came in those two years. Im very sexually active and i cant have sex with my husband because of all the spotting. Please advice me. Should i stop?