So this is a bit of a journey and could have been shortened but I'm supposed to provide as much detail as possible. So, I am an older teen and had sex with a condom, however, with my unimaginable luck the condom broke five days before my ovulation time. I cleaned out and then bought Plan B within an hour. Since then ive felt fine. No side effects besides a little nausea but honestly that might just be me. Fast forward eight days (yesterday) and I notice a little brown, sticky discharge in my underwear. I think nothing of it because discharge is normal for this time. Well today I woke up with a thin layer of brown blood. This progressed a little to the point of needing a panty liner. I finally checked again and when I sat on the toilet there were a lot of clots, the blood looked deep red, and then it went back to the thin brown blood. I am also experiencing slight cramps but not nearly as bad as my normal ones. So I was wondering if this is a sign of pregnancy? I guess more importantly is this a sign of implantation, my period coming thirteen days early, or a side effect of plan b?