This is a slightly complicated question.
Its been about two weeks since I got implanon and I have not had any spotting of any sort... nothing.. nada. I've had natural unprotected sex twice (after the 7 days) and have not received spotting or a period.
Before I got implanon I was on Yaz since I was 14 (am 19 now) and didn't realize how bad it affected me hormonally until I stopped taking it under a month before my implant was inserted. It numbed my vagina, dried it out, and gave me severe anxiety which all went away once I stopped Yaz. I never had life without yaz really so I didn't know...
I'm also so used to having a period that comes at the same time every month so I counted on my calendar to see approximately when I should get my next period (if it were to be regular per say) and its estimated to be scheduled for today, the 3rd.
I have had absolutely no spotting at all during these two weeks and was wondering if that is a good predictor of my future spotting? Also no side effects... I have two friends that got implanon and it basically affected them immediately bleeding-wise and I have nothing at all.
I cannot figure out if I'm having PMS or not. I am Bipolar (stable) and can't figure out if I may be getting my period soon or not or if it was just a combination of a mood swing from "the first week of college" sleep deprivation (LOL). I also thought I was bloated but it turned out to be constipation. TMI... :}
Does this lack of spotting make me more likely to have no periods/light periods/is this a good predictor of future bleeding habits? and am I doing well on trying to find a good estimate for when I'm likely to get a period if it doesn't become absent? Any advise?