I have had a few issues going on with period,I had surgery on April 1st for the mirena & a d&c not due to a miscarriage or anything like that but it was for my heavy periods I was on the shot for about a yr or so & it caused a lot of problems.After about a month or so I had to have the mirena moved cause it got out of place somehow I was spotting a bit when the mirena was in & then I continued when it was out! Then I had my tubes tied on the 27th of may & I'm still spotting but most of the time its when I go to bathroom or after I lift anything heavy & its not everyday? I have been to OBGYN a couple times & they said it was normal but I was just wondering when it will stop?? He said that if heavy bleeding didn't stop I would have to do the hysterectomy but it did stop & I'm just spotting??