I took a Plan B one step pill the 26th of July, around six hours after having intercouse with my husband, he was using a condom but unfortunately it broke, we noticed almost right away so he decided to pull it out, he didn't ejaculate inside of me but the precum was there in the condom, since we know that precum can get you pregnant we decided to go to a pharmacy for a Plan B Morning after pill, I had slight cramps and dizziness (this happened two days after my period finished), Now 5 days later, I starting having brownish colored discharges, next day I started having period-like blood instead of the brown discharge. According to the period calendar, yesterday was my ovulation day and period should start in 14 days!!! I am getting desperate, is there a chance I might be pregnant? Or are this common symptoms of the Plan B pill? Or is this early period? I don't really think so because it should be around 14 days later but is there any possibility?