Hello, so I have been on the combined pill for almost 5 years now. However last week (one week BEFORE my period which will be this Friday 20th) I had brown discharge and brown blood? on the toilet paper - it then for one moment turned a reddy color which obviously freaked me out. I take my pill at the exact same time everyday (no joke), never missed a pill ever and haven't had sickness etc. The doctor has told me before that if i take it correctly it is next to impossible/extremely unlikely that I will be pregnant. This has happened once before when I was at Uni - so around 3/4 years ago I am guessing and obviously I was not pregnant however in that instance there was no red blood? Then I start having irrational thoughts like 'what happens if my pill got stuck in my throat and counted it as a missed pill' IT IS DRIVING ME INSANE, could someone please offer a rational guess as to what is happening, thank you!!!