I was pregnant and got it terminated. I've been taking the pill for a few months now ever since. I take it before bed but I miss quiet a few , often , and either take it the day after with my next one or take it 2 days later with the next two. It slips my mind often because I get tired and pass out most nights without remembering. I have had unprotected sex approximately 6 times this month since my last period. about 2 days ago I noticed spotting but my red pills dont start for another week so I wasnt sure what that meant. (Since the termination I've had three months of normal periods that were right on time with no spotting) I figured my period was just going to start early but I still have only been spotting throughout the day very little off and on. I have 4 more pills before my period starts and I'm just wondering what is going on. I don't think I'm pregnant and I know early spotting isn't exactly a sign of pregnancy although some sights say it can be implantation. But I also know because I regularly forget my pills and have to take them the next night while regularly having unprotected sex it is possible, although I don't see why it would happen now. I'm curious as to what would cause me to spot lightly for two days, a week before my period. Keep in mind this has never happened to me before so I don't think missing my pill the other night and taking it the next day caused this because I've done that for years and never had spotting a week before my period. I've never had spotting for any reason.