My period is regular always comes on time & I expect it. I have unprotected sex a lot with my partner & we did it a few days before my period was to come,but still got my period like usual on the 2nd of August and it ended on the 6th. I had sex on the 7th but used condom & I took a plan B pill. I had sex again unprotected on the 12th. I'm Very regular & I never ever spot unless it's the day when I should be starting. I had unprotected sex both before and after my period. Today, I realized I had spotted. This never happens. Could I be pregnant?? I know my body well and I've had light cramps, which was odd. Is it possible I was pregnant & still got my period last week? Because it should be entirely too soon to have pregnancy signs, id only be a week pregnant... I wouldn't spot so soon or cramp up.. Right?