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Who else has spondylolisthesis + and problems with pain, walking and daily functions?

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MacIntosh12 21 Jun 2013

Hi Out2kat,
I've spondylolisthesis and fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy and DDD. Not exactly a comfortable life, is it?
Do you have a doctor that is treating your pain? If not, get a Pain Management Doctor to help you with the pain.
I've no problems walking, sometimes I've problems getting chores done, which I detest, because it just feels a bit depressing. Do you feel the same way?
Do you have an understanding spouse or children? I may sound like a nosy Nellie, but these are important questions. You need a support system, like friends and family that care and understand how much pain you are in and how difficult it can be just to function!
I hope you can answer my queries as they are important questions indeed.

alanamark1 29 Jun 2013

i have spondylethisis amongst other issues and i have horrible days have to lay on side and switch sids every 10-20 min 2 children 7yr old and a 43pound 18 month old... husband says mean things about my lying around and complaining of pain i feel he dont believe me sometimes. mother asks where did all of this chronic pain come from she gets on me and says ... what is really going on??? idk its very depressing and i feel life will get no better. surgeon wont do fusion until i loose 100 pounds in the works of gastric bypass. i just feel worthless and misarable most of the time!!! too many docs too many times explaining myself and not enough help!!!

MacIntosh12 2 Jul 2013

Hi alanamark,
I'm so sorry that you're having a difficult go of things. Have your family read your MRI and they possibly may understand why you hurt so badly! Also, drag your husband and your mum off to a doctor appointment with you, so your doctor can explain why your pain is so horrible and chronic. It may work to help them understand, it may not, but you must try, just TRY this, OK?
My heart goes out to you!
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