i am a 24 year old male engineer working in a cement manufacturing company.10 years back i had pain and swelling in both the knees,in both the ankles,in neck a,d in mouth joint.it lasted over 2-3 months.i had local treatments i dont know about them. after 2 years of it again happened .again i had local treatments and it lasted for over 2-3 months.it happened again after 2 years. the same thing happened this time.this time i had homeopathy treatment for over 1.5 years. after this it happened but only in both the knee joints.i stopped homeopathy and started ayurvedic treatment but after 6 monts i dropped it and started allopathic treatment with nsaids and dmards. but still i had pain and swelling in both the knee joints but this time also in left hip joint. found that i am hla b27 positive.the dmards are not working. my question is can i develop ankylosing spondylitis even after 10 years.what other complications i have ,will i have to loose my job. what if anti tnf drugs will also not work. and how much they cost?