I have another medication that didn't work for me, in addition to my other posting about a medication that didn't work, but then the next bottle worked fine.

Time before last, my Botox injections didn't work. When I questioned the doctor about whether it could have been a bad batch of it, his response said everything. He said that in the past when he would divide up a vial between e.g. 3 patients, sometimes all complained that the Botox hadn't worked. This meant that the vial wasn't any good. Since I used the entire vial, he couldn't be sure with mine. He said that their medical facility had an alarm on the refrigerator that stored the Botox. If the alarm went off, it would alert a maintenance person to immediately attend to it. But he couldn't account for the medication BEFORE it got to their medical facility!! The last Botox injections did work. Why did that one batch not work, when it has always worked before and since?

Again, with a new bottle of Pristiq, I suddenly had a severe withdrawal symptom, got extreme depression and lost the major side effect from the med. Then with the new bottle, all settled back again.

So this is a warning to everyone that in spite of FDAs strict requirements, you cannot trust your medication. If you suddenly have problems, get a refill and see if your problems go away.