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Spironolactone - Does this medicine stop the growth of facial hair?

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DrDonovan 17 Jan 2016

Spironolactone is a hormone blocking medication prescribed for women with excessive facial hair in a hormonally dependent pattern of growth (called hirsuitism). The medication is not appropriate for all women with excessive facial hair, especially in those women whose excessive facial hair is due to genetics. A popular brand name is Aldactone.

The medication is not to be used by women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant as a developing baby (fetus) could be severaly harmed by this medication.

The typical dose is 100-200 mg daily and should only be prescribed by a physician knowledgable about the use and monitoring of this medication. Side effects include dizziness, hair shedding, increased urination, mood changes, depression, decreased libido (sex drive), breast enlargement, breast tenderness and irregular periods. Other side effects may be possible and should be reviewed with a physician.

Spironolactone is not for use by men.


chuck1957 18 Jan 2016

Yes, but if you are having problems this medication is more commonly used for blood pressure in men and woman the hair part came as a side effect later when it came out on the market So as said by the other post Make sure you have a doctor that does know how to use it for this condition.And if your having problems give your doctor a call. free discount card

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