I found out a couple weeks ago that I have glaucoma in my left eye and 30% plus of my optic nerve is damaged. I have been on spiriva for a few months now. My right eye had a retina detach about 35 years ago and healed with a blur spot in the center of the eye, Left eye is a bit dark in sight and right eye is no center vision and good perifial and left takes care if center. Started latanoprost 0.005% eye drops in left eye when glaucoma discovered. Have floater in left eye that is fairly large but looks like a water drop on the eye.Have to use regular drops during the day for dryness. My ear nose and throat doc diagnosed allergy induced asthma. 2 different docs, an allergist about 11 years ago and the e,n,t about 4 years ago. My primary, cardiologist and pulmanary docs are all saying copd. Should I stay on the spiriva?