Hi, 2 weeks ago I was involved in a workplace incident that resulted in the compression of my C5,S1 vertebrae. After 2 weeks of stuffing around with hospitals not really investigating or treating the extreme pain i was in I have now lost all feeling in my right foot and significant feeling up to my right knee. My GP also says that I appear to be manifesting "drop foot" or "foot drop" in the right foot. They're recommendation a week or two at home on pain meds that have no effect and anti-inflamatories to decrease swelling on the spine.

I guess my question is more about the swelling, How long is it going to take for the swelling to decrease? Will the feeling come back when the swelling goes down? what are my treatment options here other than rehab?

My apologies I realise my grammer and spelling are atrocious but the pain meds I'm on make my vision blurry on occasion. Hopefully I've been able to convey the questions correctly.