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Does spinal stinosis cause leg pain a?

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gypsygirl07 2 Nov 2012

l also have spinal stenosis, and the answer for me at least is a big YES! You need to talk with your Doctor about this as there is many things other than just meds that help. I have found great relief with gental physical (AQUA)therapy in a warm pool of at least 91degree's. I hope this gives you an option that has worked wonders for me. Good luck and God Bless you

in a panic 2 Nov 2012

Thank you! I was starting to panic! Cause they hurt. SOOOO Bad! I also suffer from severe anxiety.!

Delila 2 Nov 2012

I agree. It is very common!

Inactive 2 Nov 2012

Yes, spinal stenosis can cause leg pain. It's usually in the lower back where the nerve especially the sciatic nerve is located. I have had this for years. The usual only fix is surgery to relieve the pressure from the spinal cord caused usually by a ruptured disc. Today the spine surgeries are very high tech, & can be done with very little invasive surger. An MRI can prove or disprove what is going on in your back. You need to see a neurosurgeon to get these tests & a good diagnosis.(Your PCP can order the tests or MRI, but if you have a stenosis, you would probably be referred to a neurosurgeon) Best wishes to you... free discount card

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