I've had these conditions since at least 2009. They were so minor back then that the Dr. didn't even tell me to come back. For the past 3 yrs they've become worse. Now I can barely walk 2 blocks, I can no longer stand up straight, going up stairs is very difficult, and it's getting worse. The pain is under control, so that's not the problem. I'm alarmed because walking is difficult. I can't go many places and this upsets me. I don't have a car, but we have buses. Still, unless the store is quite close to the bus I can't make it. I'm only 63 which I feel is too young to become home bound. I know I need to see a specialist and have tests done. Assuming the Dr suggests surgery I'm wondering if anyone here has had surgery for these conditions? I've read so many stories of back surgery going wrong that I don't know if I should even hope it can help me.

Can anyone tell me anything, good or bad?