... had a few Yeats ago it's almost his entire spine and neck there's over 30 screws and 2ten inch titanium Rods that make his spinal cord!fractured skull all ribs broken both lungs collapsed ruptured spleen skin graph to re-do his eye lid sever nerve damage they compare to frostbite from neck to finger tips. Was in coma 3 1/2 months traked had to learn how to move wall talk breath eat sleep m use bathroom on his own again he's recoverd remarkable thats why they he was 7th in country in 2010 to do what he did I'n such great time he actually turned down a recovery story he could of profited off of. Cause he believes everything happens for a reason he's a great father of 2 beautiful little girls they were his modivation to bounce back! Hes dropped from over 13different medications to just 4
Or 4 he has Medicaid united health care HMO community plan today his pain
Management doc who started charging 175 dollars a visit after 8 months of accepting insurence just cut all his patients off completely without any heads up or notification and we have been trying to get a doc for him for months now and it's nearly impossible he has till the 4th of march before he is completely out of meds and doctor less we live in north jersey is there anyone out there if possible who can help us in anyway possible he's Been threw hell n back and with the serious injuries he has an pain he lives with I'm so scared to see him bed ridden unable Ro move sick going threw life threatening withdraws from the serious meds that he's been on he dropped off fentanyl and over 80 oxycodone pills every 3hrs round da clock to oral long term meds and 30mg roxicodone as break threw meds to proove he can do it. if there is anyone who can help or have any suggestions please message me back he's 29yrs old and also has fiber myalgia and arthritis spreading threw him he's such a great funny loving caring n great father am it hurts me to see him go threw this I also work in the medical field and what his doctor has been doing and did to his patients makes what I am busting my back to be look so bad and crooked. anyone in anyway can help us out may god bless you my name is Katie thanks for reading... :(