... injury.I was totally paralyzed from the neck down. Thank God & rehab I was finally able to walk again. Just not as well as before.The past yr I have had the muscles in my leg tighten, they don't release at all now. Extremely painful.My toes stay curled, I am now pretty much stuck laying down. I just keep getting worse every day. I am seeing a physiatrist @ J Hopkins. They just inserted the baclofen pump. That night I went into "back labor", excrutiating pain. Well it's not much better. The pain is not as intense but it is there all the time now.They believe the tubing is hitting the "lining of my stomach". They are waiting to see if it will subside. I can barely walk at all. I have lost all the independence that I had worked so hard for.I am in constant pain, can't do anything!It has been 6 wks since the surgery.I can barely walk. Am in a wheelchair when I go to the hosp once a week for the pump dosage to be increased.I swore I would never be in one of those again. I am looking for help.There has to be somewhere/someone to talk to.I take 100 mg orally & 825 mcg through the pump.Someone please help me. I was so active and fun before. Nothing what I was now. Please help!!!