Last January I had a bone spur driven into my spinal cord from a hit while boxing. There was nerve damage at level C7-T1. It took the docs 6 days to see the damage on an MRI due to shadow from a previous double level fusion on my C-spine. I lost the ability to walk, have a bowel movement, was incontinent and all sorts of other stuff but when they did surgery it got somewhat better. I still have a mess of troubles and weakness on my right side but no paralysis. I can feel pin pricks but have a knumb feeling from the waist down so that I have sexual trouble, can not "feel" bowels move, and have pain of multiple types ( freeze, burn, cramp feeling, etc) and in my chest and back as well. I have no one to chat with about this, I am completely alone because all the sites and support groups are for those who are worse off than me. I can even work out in the morning and stand on my legs, though clumsy, if I take extra pain meds but by afternoon I can not walk w/o a walker due to pain and weakness. Some things are getting worse such as muscle tightness and spasms all night long. The only doc who has been really nice is the neuro surgeon. I have been to 2 neurologists and they seem to know nothing useful. I am lost and doing most everything by guess work. I use cath and enema and pain pills and did some therapies that didn't change anything much. I worry I will mess myself up by not knowing more about my condition but do not know where to go for REAL help. I have an app. with a physiatrist in February. Any thoughts out there? Thank you!