OK I have been approved for the SCS (spinal cord stimulator) trial. Looked up the definition of parethesia and the definition is scary. I understand somewhat of this definition (it replaces the nerve sensations the brain perceives as pain) but this 'tingling and numbing sensation' scares me. Can I get a better definition of this term?
I have degenerative joint/disk disease and my doctor put me on morphine until I can get some shots and talk about the SCS and I go for an physiological evaluation on the 20th fo this month. I look forward to more information about this SCS and hope it can help me. I don't want the drugs and have found shots in the past to help temporarily. I have seen the video and gone to the web site (some negative scary comments there) but want to know more about this system. Can anyone advise from a professional stand point of view. Thanks..