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What is the cause of most spinal cord injuries seeing blood while having sex?

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DzooBaby 19 Sep 2013

Blood while having sex is not related to the spinal cord injury. It could be an infection. Are you male or female? I am going to assume this is female because females get bleeding during sex more often than men. Infections can cause this, small tears can occur to the vaginal walls if the sex is very rough or it could be from the cervix. If you are female and bleeding after sex, you should see your gynecologist asap and get it checked out.

MacIntosh12 20 Sep 2013

Call me an eejit, but I didn't get the connection!

Mtnman 26 Sep 2013

DzooBaby is correct, there is no correlation between spinal cord injury and bleeding during sex. As for the most common reason for spinal cord injury, it is trauma to the spine. Either internal trauma such as a ruptured disk putting pressure on the cord, or outside trauma causing damage and movement of the spinal structures (vertebrae) into the spinal cord space and putting pressure on the cord, or worse yet causing permanent damage to part or all of it. This kind of trauma usually requires a significant force to damage the spine itself, while a ruptured disk can happen with minimal physical trauma. free discount card

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