I am treating a mid 50's male patient with non-combat related PTSD, specifically related to a horrific divorce 6 years ago that came close to destroying his sense of self. He functioned quite well prior to this, but also is DX with ADHD for which he has been prescribed generic Adderall for over 15yrs which has been quite useful. His only medical difficulty is Type 2 diabetes, dx about 10 years ago which is extremely well controlled with metformin 1000mg BID. He is currently also prescibed Wellbutrin 150SA once a day, as well as alprazolam 1mg QID. His depressive SX's at one point were of such severity he was prescribed Lamictal 100mg. He is no longer taking Lamictal, but remains moderately dysphoric, markedly anhedonic, has bouts of moderate agorophobia, occasionally intense nightmares as well as continuing moderate to severe anxiety. He is able to function well at his job, but avoids almost all social situations and remains anhedonic. The most significant issues at this time are his level of anxiety and his anhedonia, which are quite distresing. Individual psychotherapy has been ongoing. I am wondering if any medications beyond the traditional medications for PTSD have been shown to be helpful targeting specifically this type of ongoing anxiety and anhedonia.