Hi guys basically when I was 12 I was told I had arthritis in my jaw, i had pain in it and cracking.
I'm 18 now and undergoing a refferal to a rheumatologist. I'm on loads of medication too. These are my symptoms:
Locking fingers when tightly closed (chopping, brushing hair) , fingers stay in one place I get cramp when doing my makeup. Pain in both my shoulders, headache, catching illnesses very easily, tired! Hip pain when walking far, knee pain, finger pain, foot pain and toe pain and swelling in two toes symmetrical on both feet. Its not all day every day these but I am always tired, I always ache! A LOT & I forgot to mention muscle weakness? Turning taps on, opening bottles and climbing the stairs is becoming harder every morning. I just want to know if anyone else can tell me this sounds like it? Thank you in advance :)