After a very slow tape over a 6 month period, the doctor tapered me down from 15mg remeron to 5mg. He then pulled me off and told me to take melatonin 5mg for sleep. I didn't do to bad for about 5 days, then all of the sudden I got really itchy, panicky, dizzy, and just felt really lightheaded.
horrible feeling! However, I asked the doctors if they thought it was the melatonin and they said no. So could the remeron withdrawal just now be kicking in? I would stop the melatonin to see, but the pdoc really didn't want me to mess with my nervous system with any changes right now. I do not think i'll sleep without the melatonin at this point. what is your opinion? which is likely making me feel so horrid? Its sort of a cross between panic and brain fog. thank you