My doctor diagnosed me with postherpectic neuralgia (I am in extreme pain) but I am having some doubts that's what it is because I never had a rash, I have back pain on both sides of my spine(most of the time it is only on one side), I am 24yrs old and the pain has been going on for 4 months now. I mean the pain I have is like postherpectic neuralgia(burning, tingling, itching and a deep jabbing/aching pain). My doctor has put me on Neurontin and Lidocain patches and it just isn't working. So my question is first of all is does this even sound like the right diagnoses or is there something else this could be? Has anyone else with postherpectic neuralgia experienced pain on both sides of their spine and at such a young age? For people that have had pain as long as I've had, what are the chances it will go away? What are some good treatments that have helped others with the pain of postherpectic neuralgia? Thanks for reading my question and I appreciate any answers.