so the Drs say I have Post Herpetic Neuralgia they say from shingles. I never had the outbreak but I suffer from horrible left sided burning chest pain 24/7 deep inside around the the breast area and it has affected my life for the past 2 1/2 yrs, only thing I remember was about six little blister in the center of my chest and paid it no mind at all thought it was just a lil rash... I cant sleep and nothing relieves the pain... I have tried all meds, Lyrica, gabapentin topomax, nortriptyline, the list goes on and on... I tried and have had intercostal nerve blocks and nothing has helped me... NOTHING.. Please if anyone has had this could you please let me know as I am so desperate for relief and for sleep I have several posts on this but I keep trying hoping someone knows about what Im feeling... shine