3 and a half days ago, my 20 month old daughter had redness on her top lip. The next day it turned into what looked like a blister and looked a little infected. When we first noticed the redness, we checked the inside of her lip which looked like she had bruising/blood spotting. I took her to three pharmacies.. One said no to cold sore and the other two weren't sure. I took her to one doctor who said 99% cold sore.. I took her to another doctor who said no to cold sore and more like a school sore.. A sore which has become infected and bacterial rather than viral. There has only been one big blister - not little multiple blisters. It also started to clear quite quickly and today is only a little red mark with a little bit of skin. There was never any crust.. Moreso just a little scab. It hasn't seemed to cause her any pain whatsoever and she hasn't been trying to touch it or anything. Is it likely that this is a cold sore? As mentioned it has been 3 and a half days and it practically cleared up - I thought cold sores last quote some time. My daughter has never been in any type of care.. My mum gets cold sores but is always super careful. I therefore don't know where she would have caught the virus. The second doctor also took a swan yesterday but said that because the sore is already quite healed, it would likely give a negative regardless of whether it is or isn't a cold sore. Thank you.