I started having panic attacks and anxiety after a car accident. I have had anxiety and panic before and used Ativan as needed for attacks. I was always able to beat it on my own with very little use of Ativan.

This time it's different. Im having more anxiety and the attacks are happening when i have to go out and be in public. I get the racing heart which in turn causes me to want to leave. I started Buspar 8 days ago. The first three days were great. I was normal again. And the gut feeling of constant panic has disappeared. The fourth day I had anxiety and panic and I had the same thing the next two days. I just upped my dose to 5 mg three times a day now. I feel calm inside but am still having some attacks when I go to the store. Should I give it more time or possibly just need to keep upping the dose? Or should I change to something different?