Compulsive is the best way I can describe it... I have the urge to blink, it feels similar to somewhere between one of those restless nights of sleeping, and what I'd imagine tourette's syndrome to feel like. I have the overwhelming urge to blink, a lot of the time in rapid succession; I began to blink this way around the start of high school when a lack of sleep really started to hit me, and most of the time since then, now being a junior (third year) in highschool, i've had pain the back of my eyes, possibly due to the over use of the muscles in my eyes, possibly due to lack of sleep. My only guess would be some sort of extraocular hyper-fatigue sort of deal. My main question is, is it more likely that I have a sort of mild compulsive disorder, which causes me to have the urge to blink, then causing pain in my eyes, or I have pain in my eyes from lack of sleep, then leading to the aforementioned?