Internist put me on 6 tabs of ... Prednisalone 5 mgs daily. As of now, I have taken 30 mgs. A similar post said 30 mgs daily is high. Think I need to half my dosage now, get down to 15 mgs daily - will see Internist followup on 12 March. Advice??? Any dangers on 30 mgs daily? I am USA citizen living in Thailand, retired, age 73, good health except allergies. Walk daily. Male. Am not medically trained, but read a lot medically, especially related to nasal issues. (I am also suffering from bronchial closure problem, and Hospital Emergency last night gave me Asthma Inhaler to be used as needed, to open airway.) The Prednisalone seems to be helping sinus PND - PND has stopped, thirsty, no other reactions thus far. I use daily anti-histamines (Zyrtek 10 mg and Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4 mg) and high blood pressure meds (Cozaar 50 mgs and Anlodipine Besylate 10 mgs). If this nasal inflammation stops and the throat opens up, I will be fine. I had a severe allergy attack with bad cough most of February. Many thanks. I re-posted this question on 9 March, after I realized I was not in the group. Thanks for your help ASAP. I have not used more than 20 mg Prednisone per 24 hours since 6 March 2013.