Im on a tapered prednisone prescription for bad sinus infection. 40mg dailyx4days,30mgx4, 20mgx4 10mgx4. I took my first dose of 40mg today. First half of the day had some weird moods/emotional oddness, but I was prepared for that. Having anxiety (which my doctor knows about, she warned me about most side effects, including heightened stress/anxiety, and prescribed a slightly smaller dose than she really wanted to) I research most medicines before I take them (often a mistake). But the second half of the day I have unusual tired and soreness all over. My spirits are pretty good, and it also feels like my sinuses are already draining, but this fatigue/soreness bothers me. I can walk and stuff but I dont wanna? I just want to lay in bed. Im kinda comfy and sore at the same time, its kinda weird. Im also hoping that maybe the first day is the worst??? Ive taken pred some years ago before, I recall the mood swings and slight personality inconsistencies. I do not remember the soreness (especially leg area), especially after only the first dose. How abnormal is this? How worried should I be? Im also on augmenten, 825/175(?), which I also took my first one today, Ive never had that side effect from that though. Thank you!