I noticed my left temple was sore to touch a few days ago. It was sore to touch and even lay on and I didnt do anything to cause it it just happened out of nowhere. It feels a little swollen to me but if it is swollen its not swollen much though. I have also had a problem with my neck since about the same time I noticed the temple thing but again nothing happened to cause it. I have to turn my upper body I cant just tyrn my head because it hurts too bad. It hurts most on the right side and around to the back of my neck and down my right shoulder. I have had a dull headache too since this started. I am use to the headache because I have had one pretty much almost everyday for the past 5 years abd have suffered from migranes for the past five years also but this is more of a dull headache. I have no insurance and am trying to decide if I should get myself in to see one asap or give it a few days and see if its any better so if anyone has went through this type of thing and has any idea what it could be I would appreciate the help.. Thanks!