I have taken 20 to 40 mg of oxycontin 3 x daily for pain for the past 12 years and can not go any more than 10 to 12 hours off my medication without extreme pain. I also have COPD, Acid reflux, and complications with a mesh implant. I am on several medications for these conditions along with the pain killer. I recently had a UA that showed NEGATIVE for any Narcotic in my system. My doc said he sent it to another lab in Florida for "quantum testing" which also shows "absolutely NO NARCOTIC" in my system. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE! He implied I may be selling or giving my medication away. I am in danger of being pulled off my medication... 12 years ago I tried non narcotic meds and they did not even come close to touching this type of nerve damage. Please help me figure out why these test show Negative Results. I was taking a series of antibiotics for a leg and bladder infection just prior to the test. I also take the following meds. This is quite a list so please bare with me... Pentasa, elmiron, advair, spriva, pro air inhaler, fluticasone nasal spray, allegra, amitiza, nitrofurant, tricore, and potasium. Please if anyone can help me solve this mystery I would be so greatful. I would rather die than have to go back to those days and nights fighting this pain. I could really use some help here. The searches I've done online have not show any thing definate yet. Thanks so very much. Lost in Oklahoma