Hi,im a 44 yr old woman,iv been on methadone&hydrocone 10 for rite at 11 yrs,but! Like many I started aftr a car wreck then went to health&physical diag. Of fibromyailga,spinal stenosis,spondylitis,artirits in my whole body,then a few more,but those are the more painful,day&night,ibut up until about 7/09 was when I started daily taking 10mg 6times a day of the methadone,then 10/250 3 times a day on the hydrocodone. Ok,my question would be;how do I detox off both of these safely,doesnt matter how long,iv just got to be careful b/c of panic&anxiety disorder(tht I really would not lik to aggravate,but I know it happens). Too,iv got a 7 yr old granddaughter tht I raise&she is very dependant on me. But I have help,support&anything I need thru my husband,family,dr,church family&my lord jesus christ. I know I cn do this,i just need to know wht too is a good medicine for all over pain(bones,tissue,ligiments&all) when I do finish w/the detox? Also,1 more question,if u know anything about this>but does any1 ever have withdrawal like symptoms when you try comin off of lyrica? Plez let me know wht you thinknor have done to accomplish it b/c thts not a narcotic but everytime iv had to go a day b/c of not gettin my refill soon enuff,i will start havin anxiety&irritability attacks bad til I get a dose. But please if any can help me,id sure do this,if I feel its the right way to go at this point. Thanks for all&for u all being here for eachother, god bless! Aomm