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My son has been told he has adhd/anxiety. What is a good anxiety medication for him?

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LaurieShay 26 Feb 2014

If he truly has both illnesses, the treatments are different. There are many medications for ADHD such as Adderall and Concerta to name only two. Treating the anxiety with medication may or may not be necessary once the ADHD is under control. He needs a thorough evaluation by a child psychiatrist to determine his exact needs.

kaismama 26 Feb 2014

How did he diagnose himself, lol... he needs to see a dr if he is having problems.

44oakrdr 27 Feb 2014

I'm not sure what state or country you're in but I would definitely take him to a child specialist neuro-psychiatrist, I believe you would get a more accurate diagnosis, and find out if he even needs to be on any type of medication. I would also recommend a child psychologist to evaluate and give a diagnosis on anxiety. Depending on your child's age how can he know what anxiety feels like or know about ADHD? Or is your child and adult

endlessPred 28 Feb 2014

I agree with the others. How old is he? This problem is over diagnosed and sometimes it is a parents desire for a reason a kid is not paying Attention or too active. He needs a specialist, child psychologist, and time with a child therapist to sort out angry behavior over, say, a divorce or change in schools, rather than a true medical condition. A good therapist takes time to diagnose. Weren't you present? free discount card

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