My son was cut on his shoulder during my c section. I was never told he was by any doctor. My boyfriend told me while we were waiting to have his blood work done. Hours went by. Finally we made it up to a room and we were a family. Not even an hour later the Dr came in and said his "i t" levels were off and we had to say goodbye to him because he needed to be in NICU. As first time parents we never questioned anything. I was so in shock. We were both discharged 4 days later. Fast forward 6 weeks and we were back in the ER. He was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis. He had to wait several days before he could have surgery due to dehydration and other labs being off. The doctors then came in before his surgery and said they had to delay it because his kidney functions were off. They then found he had renal tubular acidosis. He goes to a kidney specialist and it seems every time we go they push back how much longer he has to be on his medication. He's on this medication to lower the amount of acid in his blood. I'm wondering if anyone else is going through this? I feel alone, helpless and not trusting doctors.