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My son is on hep c mess his eyes are yellow anyone else have this?

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Nicki T 4 Sep 2015

I suggest having your son seen by a Ophthalmologist as quickly as you can.
Take him to see your family Dr. in the mean time he should be able to give you eye drops to help start the healing of this problem.
The longer you wait the worse it will most likely get.
Eye problems are very painful, if light bothers him I suggest keeping his room dark, resting his eye & a cold compress around the eye area may help as well, this is what I do for my eye problem.
Advise him not to play a lot of computer games right now until he sees a Dr.
I wear sunglasses when my eye is sore all the time even in the house.
I purchased the Yellow Sun Glasses called HD Vision Wraparounds they are advertised on TV.
They can be purchased at "As Seen On TV Stores", or On Line. They are fantastic and really help me with eye strain.
Always check with your Dr. before taking someone's advice. I hope this helps...

RFitz 5 Sep 2015

Don't waste your time with an eye Dr.Jaundice is can kill him .Get to a Dr our an emergency room.

RFitz 4 Sep 2015

That is jaundice and is a direct result of a poor functioning liver.Along with his medications he should seek a diet that will ease the workload on his liver as well as help his immune system.Of course he should see a physician asap.

masso 4 Sep 2015

RFitz is absolutely right, jaundice it is.

Stephen Treloar 5 Sep 2015

If he still drinks or uses stimulants, he is doomed. I can actually estimate my Bilirubin level to a couple of points; at the moment my eyes are almost white at 31 micromol/Litre; above 40 my skin gets a distinct yellow hue. free discount card

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