Hello everyone, our son, 34 has multiple sclerosis for about five years and is currently in a clinical trial in Philadelphia, pa. He had two severe flare-ups in three months and we are so worried. He just completed a three day course of solu-medrol, the nurse came to our home and we are praying it is going to help him. My question is has anyone had back to back flare-ups? At the first exasberation in January his neuro put him on acthar for 10 days, it seemed to help and he was able to walk a little better but now the flare-up is back. What does anyone suggest to us to help our son. It is slowly taking away all the pleasures in life that my son still has. He is on disability and had to give up his teaching at Cornell Univ. As his mother, I would take all this away from him if he could just feel better and be able to do something. He was supposed to be admitted to the hospital but his neuro said there is an outbreak of singles and he is safer at home. I found your site when I goggled solu-medrol and could use the help.