... We didn't think about the medication being the cause until he started becoming suicidal. He had nearly completed the medication when we realized he was having suicidal thoughts. He finished the medication but it has been over a year now and he still has serious depression (dropped out of school) and still communicates some suicidal thoughts. He is in counseling and seeing a psychiatrist. We feel so bad that we underestimated the long term psychological effects. I have read the results of a study that indicate the medication can cause damage to the pre-frontal cortex that affects concentration. All the symptoms seem to match him perfectly. He did not have depression before and was a very good student. He wasn't a particularly social kid but got along with others very well and was very involved in all aspects of school. I keep hoping to find someone who has come through this successfully but I haven't found many (any) such experiences. We are heartbroken. I know this is relatively rare, but it appears that it is real. Does anyone have any hopeful experiences to share