.I am so tired of being so dependent on Pain meds, I swear if you were to tell me when I first got hurt, that medication would become a big part of life, I really would not believe it. I wish it were as simple as just stopping like the way you snap your fingers. And even though it's obviously not easy, What am I suppose to do, try Suboxone, and wean myself off. Then what what am i going to do on those days I can't deal with the pain, The DR wont write a script, becuase you admitted you had a pill problem my taking Suboxone, so I'd be totally Fucked. You gotta wean yourself off yourself, with the help of Your wife,Girlfriend or family.I am in so much pain I can hardly get up in the morning, I feel like I need to eat a pill first, and wait till it hits me.Life like this sure does suck.I don't even got a girl anymore, my sugar is gone. And I just don't have all that dating bullshit in me, and Its sad to say, but sometimes I don't even care about getting laid anymore, I just feel that miserable. (NOW YOU KNOW YOUR FEELING ABSOLUTELY TREACHEROUS, IF YOU DON"T CARE ABOUT SEX) LOL but it's not even Funny its Miserable.You know when your a kid and something makes you happy, and you feel warm inside and real good, ;like you got something no one knows about all to yourself, that is how I felt about my Baby, but she is gone. and that's how I used to feel about the meds.Now its like everyday is the same as last.I miss my Baby raquel. also my sugar bear Bunny , so sweet, Wow I sound like a depressed c hick .lol if you can't laugh at yourself you got more problems than you think. PAIN SUCKS, Pills SUCK. I have gone cold turkey, if you have been taking them as long as me, you can't help but running out sometimes, but its been years since i have gone a day without taking anything. except on a few occasions were i have had enough Methadone in my system that I really did not dwell on it, so therefore i did not need it. I could have used it, but I had to show myself that I'm the boss of my own body. Will power is a funny thing. As hurt as i am,, and as much as I want the pain to go away, i always find myself thinking about a friggin pill. and it sucks, I feel weak and pathetic sometimes. If you relate just let me know, I have been pretty down lately, and cant seem to get myself up,thanks guys. I Miss My baby, at least I had her thru this mess. well thanks for listening to me bitch and complain, see ya tomorrow people. NewYorkGuy44 is out.