which is percocet 10 mg or 1000 not sure i know its not the smaller mg she calls them percocet tens ne ways she said she failed a random drug test for weed. then i was at her house today and she received a certified letter and the letter said that her doctor will no longer see and she is turning my sister in to the dea which i do know is the drug enforcement agency. I'm sorry but it doesn't make much since to me that her doctor would be turning her in for failing for weed i think 8 out of 10 people smoke weed. they are trying to legalize the stuff! she has 2 girls my nieces i really feel like I'm missing alot here she is holding back alot of info. what exactly does it mean to be turned in to the dea what are they going to do and what are the chances cps is going to get involved? someone told me if its bad enough the doctor is turning her into the dea they most likely will be turning you in to childrens services. i know this is a lot to ask but my sister isn't telling me ne thing and i need to know whats to come.