My 12 year old son has always been somewhat prone to ear infections, 1 a year and we've had a swimming pool since he was 5. But about Dec 5, he woke up with a stabbing pain in his ear different from all his other earaches. Sometimes he describes it as a thorn that grows bigger but lately it's more like a knife stabbing in his ear. No diagnosis, no relief since Dec. We hv seen multiple Drs, he was in the hospital for 3 days. All MRI's, C-scans, etc are clear. So that pain Mgmt said to learn to relax & go back to school. He can barely stand up for a few hours he can't read bc it's too painful. After talking to an LVN at my ins co she said she had seen it before & the exact name was MYSTERY EAR PAIN. None of the Drs hv heard of it. So I'm hoping someone knows something about it that I can bring to the doctor. Please! Thank you!