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Someone has struggled to have a baby after removing implanon?

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Delila 11 Feb 2013

Hi can you add some detail, what is it you want to know?

endlessPred 11 Feb 2013

How long ago was the implant removed? Age of woman. Past pregnancy?

caradepoto 11 Feb 2013

Hello I'm for using the implant I have 24 years, I am concerned that after three years of use have trouble getting pregnant

Delila 12 Feb 2013

Hi, am i getting this right... you are 24 years old and have been using the implant for 3 years? Is the implant still in place or if removed, how long ago?

endlessPred 12 Feb 2013

Hello again. Having trouble getting pregnant after using hormonal birth control does occur. I ask the specific questions about age and now long the implant has been removed, because that is a very important part of this.

Since you used this for 24 years, and assuming it may have started as young as 16, you are at least forty years old. Becoming pregnancy at that age is difficult. I would suggest that you work with a gynecologist and have some blood tests done. Your hormonal readings have a lot to say what additional hormones you may need. I had a baby jusyt before forty and it required a lot of support. Four years of infertility research, surgery and treatments with one excellent physician.

caradepoto 13 Feb 2013

Hmm thank you .. Sorry, my English is very bad .. Yes, I have 24 years and begins to use the implant now. my question is whether to remove'll have trouble getting pregnant? you say you have to wait at least three months to regulate the secretion of follicle stimulating hormone, not so bad I Stand.

endlessPred 18 Feb 2013

Yes, you are 24 years old, as we say. FSH takes a while to get back into rhythm in you body. If you are not pregnant in within one year, be sure to see your doctor. Also. Be sure no alcohol or medicines. Talk with doctor when you have implant removed. Stay healthy. Good luck. free discount card

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