... have been through many pain meds due to ehlers danlos syndrome but I am having a horrible time and need anyone to talk too.

In the past 6 years I started on tramadol 300mg daily max had to go all the way up to taking OxyContin Xr, Percocet, Valium and gabapentin. All together for about 6 months.

Stupidly tried to come off all at once and had HORRIBLE anxiety and insomnia. Was able to go back and taper off and was just taking gabapentin for a few months but I am now pregnant and since I did tramadol with my first pregnancy, the OBGYN suggested going back on that and then tapering down which is where I am now.

I was down from 300mg daily (2 pills 3 times a day) to 1 pill daily (50'mg) very easily. No harsh side effects. Maybe just trouble falling asleep easily but always managed to sleep within and hour or 2 of trying.

I was on once daily for about 2 weeks and tried to jump off there and was ok until the second night which was last night. I didn't sleep at all and my husband convinced me to go back and try to taper longer and take a half a pill.

So now today at 7 am I took 50 mg and felt good until 5. I just had to take another half a pill because the brain zaps started and my anxiety started to kick in.

I just need help some how. My joint pain that I have been taking the medication for is back but I'm taking Tylenol to help because I can't do this anymore. I have worked so hard for the past year to stop the heavy medication and because of that horrible experience, I get in my own head and freak out worse. Because I'm pregnant I get so worried that the anxiety is hurting the baby. I am 21 weeks.

Please someone, anyone.