Please if anyone has useful information help me out!!! Went to the doc today for 1st visit and she just let me talk and then stated she was going to put me on Lexapro. I have never been on any medications for this anxiety other than recently started alprazolam .25. I am literally freaking the HELL out reading some of the posts on Lexapro and my anxiety right now is through the roof. I am supposed to start my first dose tomorrow so if anyone can help between now and then please respond. I really do not want to be on medicines but I have been absolutely unable to cope with this anxiety since X-MAS. Between initial bad diagnoses, 25 lbs. weight loss, and the freaking anxiety attacks that come out of nowhere; I am almost to the point of losing my mind. 0-43 years of life and this crap comes out of nowhere. I just cannot comprehend this illness even though I'm an educated and logical individual. I feel bad if I have ever doubted anyone with anxiety in the past as my answer used to be toughen up. I now see it is not that simple.