Hi, My son is 10 yrs old, he was born without an anal opening, so they had to create one with many surgeries. We were told from his surgeon everything would be fine, he would probably just not be potty trained until he was 5 or 6. So we didnt worry much until he reached 5, 6, 7 and would have bowel leakage everyday. Of course he had started school, so we put pads in his underwear, and kept extra clothes and underwear at school and would go by daily at lunch to make sure he hadnt leaked stool that day yet. But for the past 5 years it has been a constant struggle. I talked to his surgeon and all he could and has EVER told me was to give him Miralax every day. All that did and does is cause very loose stool everyday, in my opinion it has made it worse. We took him back to a diffrent Dr that "specializes" in that sort of thing, and he told us to double the dose of Miralax (which made 2 capfuls twice a day) what an idiot. Of course tried that, it was awful. So needless to say I have done research for the past 3 years, and have come up with nothing. I have tried high fiber foods, culturelle, coalce... The problem is if i dont give him Miralax, he gets impacted stool, if i give him Miralax its too runny and leaks. I have backed down to 1 tsp daily, I have tried diffrent dosages of Miralax, NOTHING works. Does anyone know what I could maybe add to the Miralax to harden it up but still work to where he is going daily.
Please any advice will help, I cry over this all the time, I want to help him but I dont know what to do. The surgeons and Drs at Baptist Hospital have not helped me at all and I dont know what to do. Pleas help.