Hi I was on effexor xr for 9yr and I kept telling the medical people I could no longer sleep without sleeping pills
At the end of last yr I throw away all the pills I was on except the effexor and the sleeping pills I found that I couldn't stop those just like that
Now I was on 22 pills a day up until then all physic pills
Now thing's greatly improved for me
But as I said I was stuck on the effexor
January this yr the sleeping pills stopped working
I went to the doctor and told him he wasn't sure if he believed me so he decided to monitor me on a daily basis
So I started going every day to tell him I hadn't slept AND that I never felt tired
This went on for about 40 days
They were fascinated
Now not having slept for that long had no real effect on me physically but it messed with my head badly
Then one doctor said to try phenargin
That worked but it had to be double the maximum dose and it only allowed me to sleep 2-3 hrs every 2 or so days
By now a number of doctors were involved and a number of psychiatric people as well
They tried a few extra pills to try to get a sedative effect but gave up because of the physical risks
Now at no time did they check up on the side effects of the effexor
In the end they just said that when the phenargin stopped working I would never sleep again and sent me off home
Now as I was leaving one doctor told me to expect to go psychotic some time in the near future and to come back then for some help with that problem
Now I wasn't going to except that rubbish so I talked to my daughter who is a homeapath for animals
She jumped on the computer and quickly found the effexor was the problem
So I sorted out getting off it as quick as possible
Now there was a few other problems that I was suffering from at the same time some are listed side effects some aren't they were
Low sex drive
Never felt hungry
Massive weight gain
Restless arms and legs
Never low on energy but unable to use it
Now once I dropped down from 375mg to about 150mg I found that things were starting to come right all but the sleep problem were fixed
Now I have to tell you it wasn't a smooth ride to recovery
Things came back in the extreme at first were totally unpredictable and unreliable but after all these months their fine except the sleeping
Now after that fiasco I found a new doctor and after all these yrs I've got some one who believes me
So first we tried the sleeping pills again now that I was off the effexor and they work just fine again but my doctor and I agree that I can't stay on them for ever so we are both looking for a better answer
Now you also need to know there was a couple of bad events in my child hood and in the 25yrs that I worked I was was so driven that in the last ten yrs of work I cut my sleep down to about 2hrs a night and quite often I would work 7 days
Now the child hood stuff is being labeled post traumatic stress so I'm getting help for that
As for work I have been retired from that due to the mental illness they mistakenly thought I had that was 10yrs ago
Now I suppose that a lot of you will be like everyone else and jump on board and say its the post traumatic stress or that I've trained myself not to sleep through my work habits thats fine if you do your not the only one's
But you need to know that when I came out of the hospital I was sleeping up to 20hrs a day and it stayed that way for about 6yrs then I dropped down in sleep to 16-18hrs and stayed that way because of the sleeping pills until this year
Now my questions are after all that
1/ Is there anyone else out there with a similar problem
2/ If there is what was done for you to fix the problem
3/ If there isn't anyone out there does anyone know if this is a permanent problem that I've got
Question 3is more for any doctors that might read this but I'm open to anyone's views at the moment
Thanks for your help